This is a wonderful and very unique place. Zoreh and her staff are not just warm,caring and loving but they nurture each child according to his/her own little personality. The kids also receive a terrific preparation for pre-school/kindergarten as we can tell from the experience with our 5 year old daughter. We love Zoreh's gentle and cheerful approach and the international spirit of the playgroup. When our son comes home, he is smiling and singing and clapping his hands. We couldn't think of a better place for him.
-- Katja G. & Claus T., parents of Moritz

I am very happy that both of my children were in International Playgroup. They thrived among their peers and with the help of a wonderful staff. I would recommend International Playgroup to any one interested in a fun and nurturing environment.
-- Cecilia D., mother of Sophie

I feel very fortunate for being a member of the International Playgroup family. Zoe Majd and her wonderful team have been providing a welcoming and culturally diverse environment which contributed tremendously to the social, emotional and academic development of our daughter and of us as parents in the process. We are truly impressed by Zoe's professionalism, high work ethics, and the genuine love of children which makes the International Playgroup a very unique place.
-- Zeyno A. and Stephen J.D., parents of Lara


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My 22-month-old son just loves his school. Zoreh is the most loving, sensitive, creative and responsible preschool teacher I've ever known, and I am glad my son is under Zoreh.s care. Whenever I come to pick my son up after work, he is always happy, well rested, and full of energy. Every day he learns a new word or phrase, a new game or song. It.s amazing how much he learned over the winter at school, and all my friends and relatives cannot believe that my son can count to 10, speak sentences, use .Thank you. on the regular basis and even clean up after himself without being asked at the age of 2! I believe it.s all thanks to Zoreh and her wonderful staff members. I would highly recommend International Playgroup to anyone with small children. It.s a great place for your kids to play, interact with other kids, learn and just have a great time.
-- Sofya O., mother of Michael

The International Playgroup provides a fun, safe and enriching learning environment for my child. The teachers genuinely care about the children with individualized attention. The student body is a wonderful mix of various backgrounds and nationalities. My child has grown significantly in her social, language, math and reading skills. Most of all, she always says she likes going to Zo's place.
-- Jonas and Chiali T., parents of Zoey

Teachers take care of him very well and he enjoys his time at daycare. Now he can sing some English songs and he remembers his friends' names.
-- Miyuki N., mother of Tadasuke

After spending a lot of time looking for daycare, we finally found International Playgroup and we really loved it. This is by far the best daycare we have ever seen. It has a very nice atmosphere, the staff is really caring, it is very organized and the kids are always happy. Isabela loves her teachers and her friends and she is learning many things at the International Playgroup. She likes her daycare so much that she even misses her friends and teachers on the weekends. We could not be happier and we consider ourselves really lucky to have found the International Playgroup.
-- Renata & Antonio D., parents of Isabela

The only problem I have with the International Playgroup is that I cannot make my daughter to leave every evening. Zo and her staff give the kids too much love and attention, too much music and dancing and too may stories and toys. No wonder the kids don't want to leave! (Frankly to say,sometines I don't even want to leave in the morning after I drop Grace because everybody is so happy!).
-- Graces's Mom

We couldn't be more pleased with Zo and the International Playgroup. Carol loves it!
-- John & Kathryn B., parents of Carol